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Our club rules and etiquette ensure consistency of standards for all members, guests and visitors to Mentmore Golf & Country Club.

Handicap Requirements

Visiting golfers are expected to be members of recognized golf clubs in membership with the EGU, or the appropriate governing body if their clubs are outside England. The maximum handicap limit is 24 for men and 36 for ladies. Handicap certificates should be available for presentation if requested.


We ask all our members and visitors to work with us to maintain the golf course to the highest standard. We therefore ask that you repair pitch marks, replace divots and smooth bunker prints whenever you play. Golf carts must be used carefully and safely, keeping to the cart paths and avoiding any damage to both the course and fellow golfers. Finally, all golfers are asked to play without delay, keeping up with the match ahead. A good pace of play is an important element in having a good experience at the golf course. It's often a combination of little things not done that contribute to slow play and on-course traffic jams.

Pitch Mark Repair Appeal

Pitch marks are a great pain for a lot of golf clubs. There is nothing more infuriating for a golfer than to see their perfect putt knocked off line, especially through no fault of their own. It's alarming how many golfers seemingly neglect to repair their pitch marks.

Here at Mentmore Golf & Country Club we have two of the very finest courses in the county and certainly greens that are the envy of most golf clubs and we like to keep them that way but we need your help!

The fact is that there are players out on the course who don't know how to actually repair a pitch mark correctly. The end product is an ugly brown scar left on the green that not only looks awful but also affects the roll of your putts. Successfully repaired pitch marks can heal within twice the time it takes for a half-hearted attempt to recover.

Please repair your ball mark and at least one other. A pitch mark repaired properly will heal within 24 hours whereas an un-repaired ball mark will take at least 15 days to mend. Correct repair will help protect the grass root system and benefit both members and visitors alike.

Please view the video below to understand the correct method in which to repair a pitch mark:

Here are some tips for making sure your pace of play is as brisk as it should be.

Pace of play isn't about rushing your shots, it's about being ready to take your shot when it's your turn, and behaving efficiently on the golf course.Remember - arrive at your starting tee at least 10 minutes before your allotted tee time.Listen to the Course Marshals and act on the important information they give you to assist your round of golf.Numerous practice swings, lengthy delays lining-up putts and pacing out distances prior to club selection are not sensible practices for average golfers.Leave your bags or golf buggies to the side of the green, and in the direction of the next tee, never in front of the green.Be aware of golfers both in front and behind you, speed up when required and don't hinder other golfers playing quicker than you.Be prepared and be ready to play!


Most experts say that a good pace of play not only increases enjoyment of the game, it can actually improve one's game. Standing around on every shot allows the muscles to cool down or limbs to stiffen up. A brisk pace can help keep a golfer loose and ready to play.Pace of play can be boiled down to two simple phrases: be prepared and be ready to play.Use the groups ahead of you and behind you to gauge your pace. If the group that teed off directly in front of you is pulling away - putting a full holes distance between them and your group - you need to speed up. If there's no one in front of you holding you up, but you are holding up those behind you, either speed up or allow the trailing group to play through. Where a course Marshall patrols the course, players must heed any instructions or advice given.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones must not be used in the Members Lounge. In all other areas of the club phones should be used with discretion and due consideration to other users of the premises. Phones must be switched off on the course but may be used in case of accident, illness or security reasons.

Dress Code

Please be aware we have a strict dress code which we ask all golfers to respect. Clean, smart dress shall be worn on the course and in the clubhouse as appropriate. Shirts or golf tops must be tucked into waistband. Please be aware that only soft spikes are to be worn on the golf course. If you are unsure about which soft spikes your shoes require, our pro-shop staff will be more than happy to assist you. In the lounge bar, golf clothing, which is wet, dirty or otherwise showing signs of recent use on the course must not be worn.
Changing clothes or shoes should not take place in the car park.

Persons not complying with these rules will be asked to leave the course and/or clubhouse as appropriate. Our staff are empowered to judge whether an individual is acceptably dressed and to take appropriate action.

Golf Shoes

Please be aware that at Mentmore Golf & Country Club SOFT SPIKE golf shoes must be worn.


Either turtleneck or collared golf shirts are acceptable. Crew neck shirts and T-shirts are not permitted. Shirtsleeves may either be short or long and shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Denim trousers are not not acceptable attire, nor are rugby trousers, sweat pants, jogging bottoms or cargo pants.

The appropriate length of shorts is three inches or less above the knee. Shorts that fall below the knee are not permitted, nor are tight fitting cycling shorts. Denim shorts, cargo shorts and spandex shorts are also inappropriate.

Please ensure that you wear white over the ankle socks. Any other colour socks are strictly not acceptable and you will be asked to change before being allowed on the course.


Sleeveless tops are permitted provided they have a collar and conversely, any top worn without a collar must have sleeves. Tops other than those with banded bottoms must be tucked in. Tee shirts, halter tops and tube tops are not permitted.

Trousers & Skirts
Short skirts and shorts are not permitted. The appropriate length for any skirt or shorts is five inches or less above the knee. Spandex shorts, cargo shorts and denim shorts are not acceptable attire.

Clubhouse Dress Code
In addition to the above, please note the following may not be worn in the Members Bar:

  • Golf / baseball hats
  • Golf shoes /  Trainers
  • Wet clothing or waterproofs